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Afghan Leader of Demining Organisation
Writes to Adopt-A-Minefield

Dramatic Increase in Landmine Casualties Among Civilians

Fazel Karim Fazel

Present Situation In Afghanistan
The present Situation here in Afghanistan is very horrible and it seems that allied forces are missing their targets. The second wave of American attack on terrorist camps and military installations of Taliban were not that much impressive and targeted. Number of Civilian Casualties has been reported. As per the information we received from Kabul that, Site Office of one of the Demining Agency was mistakenly struck by American Aircraft's which resulted in killing of 4 Employees of that Agency and destruction of the whole office building This took place on 4:50 am Afghanistan time. Other military bases like airport and its surrounding, Nadir Khan Hill, Radio Television hill and other radar systems were targeted and reported to be destroyed. During the reporting period the attacks on Kandahar was continued on targets which includes Baghe Pull, Houze Madad and other military targets in Kanadahar.
In Mazar e Sharif a Taliban military installation is completely destroyed which was located near the Air Port of Mazar-e- Sharif.
The northern Alliance also has speed up their military activities in the outskirts of Kabul City, after Britain and American attacks. If the Taliban were over thrown there will be power vacuum and only northern alliance will be benefited, which will I think, create a big problem for the innocent people of Afghanistan. As every one knows about what they have done in the past.
The WFP( World Food Program) has also suspended its operations, which is the only source that millions of Afghan people depends on for their survival.
These attacks may leave hundreds of UXO, which will increase the threats to the people of Afghanistan.
So, keeping in view the above problems the international community is required to play its role to take innocent Afghans out from the present situation, which they face at present moment.

I would like to say few words about the supply of Food from USA to the Afghan people via Air Drop. As per the information we received through CNN and other Media, Food was dropped in some parts of Afghanistan via air. The location where the Food was dropped was not identified. This seems that it will be much more risky. As you know, Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, wherever the food drop happens, children and adults will rush towards this and they unknowingly, may enter a minefield. This will result in the increase of the mine casualties.

Fazel Karim Fazel

Adopt-A-Minefield exists so that people whose lives are shattered by landmines can once again experience life to the full.
Adopt-A-Minefield raises awareness and funds to clear landmines and help survivors of landmine accidents.
100% of all donations to Adopt-A-Minefield (UK) are applied to mine action.
Adopt-A-Minefield has raised over $12m (approx 6.9m) to date & cleared over 18 million square meters of land.

Boy with his right arm blown off after playing with a mine

Survivors Story
Jalaluddin - Afghanistan

Jalaluddin was working as a farmer when he stepped on a landmine. After the accident he was hopping around the field on one leg trying to get out when soldiers saw him and transported him to a hospital.
He was in hospital for three months recuperating, and once he was released he moved in with relatives in Kabul to be close to the orthopedic center. Having received a prosthetic leg and rehabilitation, Jalaluddin went back to work as a farmer.
When the Taliban came into power he moved to Pakistan where he had once lived. Since the fall of the Taliban, he has moved back to Kabul and is working as a shopkeeper.